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Posted on Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Why does the world need another LA Telecom Blog?

Certainly there are many good ones already out there. I recommend Enrique Carrier for insightful comments on the Argentine market.

There are a number of both free and paid newsites available. BusinessNewsAmericas is a very good paid site and as a free site, I use Teleco in Brazil frequently.

The reason I decided to start blogging is somewhat explained by my choice of title. For those not familiar with Latin American literature, Macondo is a mythical town in the tropical north of Colombia where Nobel-laureate Gabriel García Márquez set his major novels and short-stories. García Márquez is the most famous writer of a stream of literature known as “Magic Realism” where the absurd and the fantastic mix with the real and the common place.

Exactly like the current state of Latin American Telecom.

We are thrilled to have private companies increasing their investment in new technologies, but we don’t like the prices so we want price regulation — again.

We are thrilled to get service activated rapidly and have repairs within hours or at most days. But we don’t like the profits that private companies make so we yearn (again) for the state-owned companies that made such a mess of things in the last century.

In short we want world class technologies but we neither want to pay for them nor do we want anyone to make money on their investments.

I understand that managing a society is the art of balancing opposing needs and opposing forces. I understand that Alice in Wonderland thought “six impossible things before breakfast”. But it has to be an almost religious belief in the power of Magic to believe that we can overcome the Realism that investors must be paid and state-owned companies become bloated, inefficient bureaucracies.

Hence Macondo Telecom.

The range will be wider than my particular rant above but given how prevalent this them is, we will return to it time and again.

Hope you enjoy the journey.

Wally Swain, C3 Comunicaciones SAS

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