Moving M-Money into the big leagues in Latin America

Posted on Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I can’t say that I feel an overwhelming need to get rid of my wallet. For one thing it has a  number of identity cards  like my “cedula”, my driver’s license and my healthcare card that no one yet in the Colombian market has talked about migrating to my cell phone. And although no one in our household has had their phone stolen, most of our friends have, so I understand the concerns some would have with moving their money and their identity to their mobile phone.

Still I can’t deny the convenience when I travel to the Canada, the United States or Europe where I can pay everything with a credit card (even relatively minor items) and where minor purchases do not require a signature. At least those made with my Canadian credit card. My Colombian credit card requires a signature even though it is a “chip card” and I know what the PIN is. (Sidebar: Why did my bank (Citi) invest in more costly cards and their distribution? Was it just so I have a pretty looking metalic square on the front of the card? Or do they mean the chip to actually DO something as it does in other parts of the world? Except the US but I digress.)

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