Don’t get me wrong

Posted on Friday, May 24, 2019

Time for another hiatus in these blogs – fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective. Time to say “Goodbye”. But don’t get me wrong.

I started this website in 2012 when the technology research company I was then working for, Yankee Group, was passing through a ‘near death experience’ and I wanted to start something new in telecommunications.  I started on May 2 2012 and published 14 blogs, the last one on August 1 2012. By then it was clear that there was going to be some resolution of the crisis, I went back to near full-time and had started another nearly full-time venture, Hydrocarbons Colombia.

Five years passed while YG was sold to 451 Research, we staffed up for their needs, moved to a bigger office, ramped up Hydrocarbons Colombia, and launched Hydrocarbons Mexico.

Then my relationship with 451 Research came to an end. We let go of the staff (except for Hydrocarbons Colombia and Hydrocarbons Mexico), got rid of the office, and I started thinking, again, about what to do next in telecommunications.

So, I repeated the strategy of 2012.

I invested in the website so that it had a similar ‘corporate feel’ (to use a fancy term) as the others in the Mirador Communications stable and started blogging again.

The first ‘blog’ of this ‘second season’ – really a link to a YouTube video with some comments of mine on 5G at a conference in Bogotá – was published on June 22 2018. Counting the one you are currently reading, there have been 64. (I ambitiously started blogging twice a week but later realized that was too difficult to maintain.)

As of yesterday, May 23 2019, I started a relationship with Ovum that is going to take up my available time apart from the energy newsletters (which now includes ePowerColombia) and one other commitment which takes a few hours per week.

Realistically, I am not going to have the time to write a blog every week and my telecom-related writing should be published through Ovum anyway. If the Muse comes to visit and brings a song-tie-in with her, I might be inspired to put something on the webpage but for now this is “Goodbye”.

And in the best tradition of saying goodbye in a relationship I can honestly say

“It’s not you. It’s me. I’ve changed and I can’t take you where I am going. I’m sorry.”

The Muse did leave a bunch of songs in my head on the topic of goodbye and I’ve created a playlist in Spotify as my parting gift.

I think the best ‘bye bye’ song is Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird both musically and in Rock and Roll philosophy. It’s the classic tale of a drifter (or rock musician) moving on to another town and leaving behind a broken heart. (“God help me! I can’t change”)

More than a bit macho yes. Sorry. But not as bad as some others, like James Taylor’s I Was Only Telling A Lie (“There is no need to act like I shot your dog”). There are much worse and while the Muse put some in my head that are better left unmentioned, I added two Gordon Lightfoot songs from the 1960s when, culturally and politically, the relationships between men and women were different: I’m Not Saying (“I’ll be sorry”) and For Lovin’ Me (“Movin’ is my stock and trade.”). And Gord’s 1960’s voice (before age, too many cigarettes and too many late nights left it raspier) makes them somehow sound not as bad as they really are.

There are, of course, less crass, more soulful goodbye songs, perhaps more appropriate to what I feel as I prepare to stop blogging. Strange that the Rolling Stones, with their tough guy personas, would write a ballad like Angie (“All those dreams we had so close seemed to all go up in smoke” “But Angie / Ain’t it time we said goodbye”, “They can’t say we never tried”).

Most pop / rock songs about goodbye are more like Angie and more from the side of the relationship that receives the bad news. The classic is Bye Bye Love, here in the Simon and Garfunkel version, reliving their days as an Everly Brothers cover band called Tom and Jerry.

Some goodbyes are more matter-of-fact. This was never going anywhere and now its done. Get over it. The Beatles’ Norwegian Wood (“And when I awoke I was alone / This bird had flown”). This may be more appropriate to the change in the blog.

Maybe some of you, who may not have appreciated my humor or my opinions will think that Elvis Costello’s Clowntime is Over is the appropriate phrase to describe this blog (“While others just talk and talk”).

The Muse also left me with songs that are about that paranoid feeling before getting the ‘word’ like I Know I’m Losing You, here in The Fabulous Thunderbirds version. Originally released by Fenton Robertson, this has been recorded by The Temptations, Rod Steward (great piano), Rare Earth and even the Jackson 5. (“You try hard to hide / The emptiness you feel inside / I know I’m losing you”)

Or that feeling when you realize that you were in the wrong place and, soon, you will be happier having said – or heard – goodbye. “You just kind of wasted my precious time” is one of the bitterest lines in popular music (from Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright).

The title of this The Clash song is a little strange and seemingly with little to do with the rest of song but Train In Vain is almost the perfect description of bad relationship “Did you stand by me. No not at all”. Here I used the Annie Lennox version which is jazzier, a little easier on the ears and it helps inject a little feminine perspective badly missing from the list so far.

Maybe I’m making excuses. Maybe I’d run dry. Maybe I am too tied to the past. Maybe I should take Elvis Costello’s advice and remember that “Yesterday’s news is just tomorrow’s fish n’ chip paper” (Yes, I know. A British expression. I love it.)

But then…

Maybe this is not goodbye forever. Or even five years like the last time. Maybe the Muse really will visit from time to time and make me run for my laptop, searching Spotify and Wikipedia for song references.

Don’t get me wrong

If I come and go like fashion

I might be great tomorrow

But hopeless yesterday

Don’t get me wrong

If I fall in the mode of fashion

It might be unbelievable

But let’s not say, “so long”

It might just be fantastic

Don’t get me wrong

Of course! Chrissie Hynde. The Pretenders. The perfect way to end this segment of the Macondo Telecom blog.

Don’t Get Me Wrong.

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